Monday, June 20, 2011

move on?

i am turning forty today. it doesn't feel bad at all. i felt worse when i was 26 or 27, it seemed so old to me then. now it's cool.
when i look back at the four decades that i have tread the earth, an unexpected question comes to my mind: is it time for me again to move to some other place? i ask this question because i have been living in the same apartment since 2004, which is seven years, and which is the longest i'd lived in a single place. let me try to name all the houses i've lived in since june 20th 1971.
- momici, croatia, 1971-1972
- mostar, bosnia and herzegovina 1972
- momici, croatia, 1972-1973
- munich, germany, june-september 1973
- momici 1973-1974
- munich 1974-1977
- balosave, montenegro june-december 1977
- rastoci, niksic 1977-1978
- zeljezara, niksic 1978-1980
- trebjesa, niksic (lalatovici) 1980-1982
- trebjesa (cerovici) 1982 - 1989
- palestina, niksic 1989-1990
- zeljezara, niksic may-june 1990
- nis, serbia 1990-1991
- pirot, serbia april-september 1991
- ostrovac, niksic 1991-1992
- hotel zeljezare 1992- 1998
- palestina, niksic 1998-2004
- 'desetka', niksic 2004-2013
plus, i would spend several months a year in croatia all until the war broke out in 1991. i also spent over a year and a half on scholarships in finland, norway, england, america, holland, denmark, italy.
it would be great to move again, to switch the country, maybe even the continent? i don't think my karma will allow for me to be stuck in a single place for more than seven years. so, next year i write this blog on my birthday i hope be somewhere else :)

seven years later: i am revisiting this blog, with more additions to the list. i lived in the 'desetka' apartment two more years before i did move. this is the current situation, excluding visits and stays under one month:

- stockholm, rinkeby, september-ctober 2013
- stockholm hornstull, november 2013-february 2014
- palestina, niksic 2014-2017
- london, ilford june-august 2017
- palestina, niksic 2017-2018
- dubrovnik, croatia november 2018-