Wednesday, August 10, 2011

desert island discs.

it is only when they are guests in the radio programme 'desert island discs' (running continually since 1942) that the brits consider themselves truly successful. the show basically consists of debriefing on one's life experiences, accompanied by eight songs that bear some significance for the person in question. thousands of people make up their own lists, knowing they would never make it to the programme. i couldn't resist doing it myself :)

1. silver convention - fly robin fly

as soon as the song starts i am immediately taken back to my childhood apartment. the music has got interlaced in my mind with the feelings of warmth, happiness, openness. it stretches out to the beautiful park just a few meters away, where i loved to play and fly kites. it amazes me how deeply rooted and long-lasting some feelings are.

2. pussycat - georgie

this is another song from my early childhood that i was trying to find for years afterwards, although i didn't know who performed it or what it was called. i thought the title was 'jodie' :) but the melody frequently played in my mind. thanks to the hallowed youtube i bumped into it several years ago.

3. i santo california - tornero

i remember this song playing on the old clock radio, at night, and i am forever in love with it.

4. propaganda - duel

the whole album 'a secret wish' takes me back to my early teens, when i was trying to figure out so many things about myself. it's one of the records i treasure.

5. the crusaders - soul shadows

the song of my life. my cousin driving a comfortable mercedes, which felt rather like soaring. i was seventeen, it was a warm dalmatian winter, and we were going to the brand new dicoteque 'session'. this song has helped me maintain my sanity a few years later, when i was doing my military service, and when the country i lived in started to crack up.

6. steve miller band - window

a beautiful and warm song from a very dark period of my life. some friends and i used to love it. i still do.

7. nina simone - another spring

the part of the song when nina sings 'and then, one morning, another spring is there outside my door, things are blooming, birds are singing, and suddenly i am sad no more' is for me one of the most poignant moments in the history of music.

8. the last shadow puppets - my mistakes were made for you

when music is concerned, it is very difficult for me to be blown off my feet any longer. the last shadow puppets did just that in 2008. this is one of the most beautiful songs in the last ten years.