Wednesday, September 9, 2015

also a man

thirty years ago i was also a man. a tall, lost, awkward, but a surviving young man, who experienced the world with heightened emotions. i was no longer a child. i was serious, and unhappy. i was fourteen.

my handwriting was unhappy, too. but daring. it pretentiously probed into the big world. my taste in music was peculiar. most of it was awful. the song i mention in this diary entry is indescribably bad. i played it on youtube to be reminded of it, and couldn't listen through to it.

i am as grown up today as i ever will be. my handwriting is disappearing before the keyboard. my taste in music is even more peculiar. most of it is still awful, and i still show off posting weird songs on my facebook page. i am still tall, awkward, and somewhat lost. but not unhappy. and i am a child again.