Monday, April 25, 2011


i was 13 in 1984. it was an apocalyptic year. the movie 1984 was shot that exact year, eurythmics made the soundtrack. i was slightly disappointed with this album, having loved the previous one, 'touch'. i am not sure how well i understood the whole dystopian idea, but at least i was driven to and intrigued by it. instead of sitting in the living room with my parents, watching miso kovac and lepa lukic on the tv, i was crouched in a distant bedroom corner by an old philips gramophone, listening to 'sex crime', 'i did it just the same', 'doubleplusgood', 'for the love of big brother', trying to figure out the sense of it all. although i did not manage to get the main point, i felt something was in there, still unpenetrable, prereflexive, but something meaningful, though gloomy. i don't think i was precocious, i was just inquisitive. and i felt that sharing my parents' taste in music would for some reason just not have been right.

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