Friday, December 2, 2011

love kiwanuka.

there is a flood of new music available everywhere. most of it is bad, some of it is good, so we pick our own favourites. sometimes we pick good stuff, sometimes bad, but that is irrelevant. the important thing is that we manage to find something that floats our musical boats. i don't easily come across new artists that i find thrilling, but one a year is not too bad either. in the last couple of years i have discovered the last shadow puppets, these new puritans, morcheeba. 2011 was seemingly going to pass without a great new discovery, but then, just a few days ago, i had the luck of bumping into michael kiwanuka, whose songs blew me away. there's nothing i don't like about his music - the lyrics, the voice, the unpretentiousness. he's at the same time old and young, a ugandan londoner. 'home again, one day i know i'll feel home again'